About Boels

We are Boels, one of the largest rental companies in both general and specialist rentals.  Boels Rental is the largest and fastest growing rental company in Europe, having reached the number 2 position in the whole of Europe. In the Benelux it is number 1.

Why is that? We believe in the power of sharing rather than ownership. Ever since we were founded, we have made a positive contribution to the circular economy: sharing rather than owning. By making the best use of our extensive rental options and reducing transport distances, we are contributing to a more sustainable world. We act proactively together with you and go the extra mile. We do this with tailor-made rental solutions and advice. Boels is also your partner for any special requests.

More sustainable construction

Sustainable building and working in the Netherlands is shifting from a voluntary choice to a matter of course. Or even a requirement. Sustainability and the sharing economy are at the very heart of our business – in everything we do. We make sure that everyone can use the best zero emission equipment quickly and with very little effort. We are the rental partner that helps you build more sustainably. Your particular focus on sustainability is key here. This could mean providing advice or supplying zero emission equipment as well as offering full-service solutions from investment to maintenance via the shortlease option.

This is how we can help you

Social contribution

Boels is the go-to expert for companies and private individuals for a number of projects and events. We are engaged on a local level through our massive network of branches, making us an integral part of the cityscape. We make sure that customers can get their jobs done. No matter the circumstances. We also believe that the passion and energy put into these projects ultimately have a positive impact – both on the local economy and on the living environment of the region. This is why we have been sponsoring local initiatives that contribute to sport, culture, welfare and sustainability for many years.

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Board Boels Group

Boels Group is managed by a board. The Board currently consists of six members and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

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