Sponsorship – Boels Rental logo usage

Boels Rental in the picture

Local engagement is an inherent part of the Boels DNA, which is why we highly value the projects and events we sponsor. Getting the job done together, and hereby making our (orange) contribution to society. This is something that Boels Rental is very proud of.

In order to convey this sense of pride to a wider audience, it is important that Boels Rental is visible on the project or event it is sponsoring. As a (commercial) return, the organisation receiving sponsorship is asked to display the Boels logo in promotional elements such as flyers, social media posts or programme booklets.

On this page you will find the brand guidelines for Boels Rental. It contains information that is essential in order to correctly and consistently apply the logo of Boels Rental.

Boels Rental Logo

The Boels Rental logo has two versions. One for
placement on a coloured or orange background and one for a white or light background. For specific examples of how to use the Boels Rental logo correctly, we kindly ask you to read the logo manual.

If you have older or different logos of Boels Rental, please replace them with the most recent version that can be downloaded from this page.

If you have any questions regarding these brand guidelines, please contact us via communication@boels.nl


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