Sustainability has been at the heart of our business since we were founded in 1977. We believe in sustainability and sustainable equipment rental for everyone. We provide tailor-made solutions aimed at your sustainability requirements. This could be advice, the supply of zero emission machines or the complete relief of your needs via lease.

Do you have customers who want their projects completed as sustainably as possible? Or is there a tender in which sustainability plays an important role, both for the construction process and for the final results? We can help you with that. And we can work together to reduce emissions. ‘Orange is the new green’ is our promise based on 5 building blocks based on our experience, expertise and decisiveness.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring

As a future-oriented organisation, we make choices that are full of respect for people and the environment. By renting out equipment, we are truly optimising use of the equipment. Renting, by very definition, means equipment and materials are used as efficiently as possible. It makes a positive contribution to the circular economy – sharing rather than owning. This optimised usage and efficient application of equipment results in 30%-50% lower CO2 emissions (according to research by the European Rental Association).

You can choose the optimum rental solution in terms of usage and costs from a wide range of short-term and long-term rental options, such as lease and outsourcing

Zero emission

We have the broadest selection of zero emission equipment, complemented by the latest Stage V fuel equipment and hybrid alternatives. We offer a young and broad product range for your rental needs – one-stop shopping. Whether you are looking for zero emission equipment in earthmoving, landscaping, access or other applications. You can recognise this equipment by the ECO label. Products with this label comply with the highest standards in terms of safety and ease of use. The label also highlights reduced energy consumption and noise production. Wherever you see this label you can rest assured that you are renting the latest and most efficient equipment.

Zero Emission
Duurzaam Dichtbij

Sustainability within reach

You can rent locally at more than 730 locations throughout Europe. We are always close by. This saves time, costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to our large network of branches and hubs, transport distances are always short and efficient. We combine the transport logistics of delivery and collection of equipment as much as possible to reduces CO2 emissions during transport.

Service first

Sustainable solutions mean customisation. That’s why you can always rely on us for the right advice. Because we have more than 40 years of experience and expertise. Our equipment is professionally maintained and inspected so that you can use it cleanly and efficiently. To reduce emissions from fuel-driven equipment, you can also choose from alternative fuels such as GTL and Aspen. Do you have a special request? Or are you looking for a specific machine that we do not supply as standard? That’s also no problem!

Service voorop
Voorloper in groen

Green pioneers

As the leading rental company, we have direct access to new equipment, prototypes and co-development with machine manufacturers. This allows us to be the first to offer the latest and most sustainable equipment. We’re continuously investing in updating and expanding our rental fleet. This has ensured that we have the youngest rental fleet in Europe and continue to forge the path forward. Our own energy management is also in great shape. In 2020, for example, we obtained the ISO 50001 certification.


The ECO-label helps you to recognize and distinguish sustainable equipment within our assortment. Enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint by easily choosing the right ECO products. And to show your sustainable choice to the world and customers. Our sustainable fleet consists of electric, battery-powered and hybrid machines and tools. Complemented by the latest Stage V fuel equipment.

Machines with ECO label

Customised green solution?

Your particular focus on sustainability is key here. Solutions could include providing advice, supplying zero emission equipment or full-service solutions via the shortlease option.

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