Local engagement is part of our DNA

Our rental solutions make us an integral part of the cityscape. Once you notice one of our orange machines, you suddenly start to see them everywhere. Projects and events are the foundation of our society, and are of great importance to the economy, welfare and living environment of the region. This is why we put projects and events at the centre of our sponsorships. We focus on what we are good at: facilitating. We make sure that the job can get done. Do you wonder how we do this? You can find out below.

Boels sponsort evenement

Sport & Culture

For numerous years, Boels and sports have been connected with each other. Both local and regional events can count on our support. In addition, we have been a major cycling sponsor for many years. For example, we sponsored the best women’s cycling team in the world, as well as several other prominent cycling races. We believe that sport and culture are the glue that holds our society together. This is why we are happy to support our customers and local associations in realizing their initiatives.


Charities and social engagement are important to us. Not just to our organisation, but also to our staff. Wherever we can, we do our utmost best to contribute to the well-being of the region in which we are rooted. It is in our orange blood. Over the years, we have made a valuable contribution to a number of initiatives. Sometimes with visibility, but mostly in the background as a ‘silent partner’. During the corona crisis, for example, we provided boom lifts for the elderly in care homes and nursing homes.

Materieel sponsoring tijdens corona crisis


Sustainability has been at the core of our business operations ever since Boels was established in 1977. Rentals contribute to the sharing economy: sharing and using rather than buying and owning. By optimising the use of rental equipment and reducing transport distances, we contribute to a more sustainable world. In recent years, this concept of sustainability has made its way even further into our company, which is why we strongly encourage sustainability. Among other things, we sponsor initiatives aimed at energy transition.

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Does any of the above fit to your project or initiative? And would you like our help in the form of a sponsorship? This can be requested via the sponsorship request form.

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